Meet the Team: Victoria Owusu Ansah

By RepresentWomen on June 23, 2021

My name is Victoria Owusu Ansah, and I was born and raised in France, but my motherland is Ghana, West Africa. I graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor’s in International Development and a minor in Political Science from McGill University. In college, I explored different fields of interest such as international labor rights, Artificial Intelligence, and peacebuilding tactics. Subsequently, I have always tried to discuss these issues through diverse lenses such as gender, socioeconomic background, or race. Intersectionality has been a constant theme during my college research. It has allowed me to create more comprehensive and inclusive work and I hope to continue using it throughout my career.


My experience as a woman of color passionate about U.S. politics and public policy has raised my awareness of the lack of diversity in these fields. I am continuously looking for ways to fill this lacuna and working at RepresentWomen is one way I chose to remedy this discrepancy. By interning as a development intern, I am working toward the equal representation of women at every level of the government irrespective of their political affiliation, race, or other characteristics. During this internship, I wish to acquire the necessary skills like grant writing and donor management to successfully support a nonprofit organization.  Additionally, I am excited about extending RepresentWomen’s presence abroad by researching potential global partners and conducting international research.


During my spare time, I enjoy baking, reading graphic novels, and watching scary video game walkthroughs on YouTube (because I am too scared to play them myself). Furthermore, during the summer, I hope to improve my Spanish by watching telenovelas on streaming platforms. Hence, I would love any suggestions on good series to watch. Lastly, I enjoy going on food trips and discovering the culinary treasures of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Again, any suggestions on a must-try restaurant are welcome.