Meet the Team: Tiffany Kumar

By RepresentWomen on June 23, 2021

Hello! My name is Tiffany Kumar and I am honored and excited to be joining RepresentWomen this summer as a Research Intern. This coming fall, I will be a sophomore at Cornell University and majoring in industrial and labor relations while pursuing a double minor in Arab studies and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies through the university’s guaranteed transfer program. This program afforded me the opportunity to complete my Freshman year at a university of my choice; thus, I spent the last year attending American University’s School of Public Affairs.


Throughout my freshman year, I completed a few projects which have inspired my passion for research. I was able to create a multimodal project on the effects of environmental injustice on race, gender, and class inequality through the lens of my experience volunteering throughout D.C. during the COVID-19 pandemic and a research project examining men’s rights online subcultures (mainly the ‘Incel’ community) and the ways internet echo chambers combine with existing patriarchal institutions and rhetoric to indoctrinate young men into extremist and violent behavior towards women. As a result, I have found myself deeply connected to research surrounding feminist issues and hope to continue with a focus on intersectionality and women’s labor rights. 


Throughout my experience in debate and politics, I have often been the only woman, and almost always been the only woman of color, in nearly every situation involving government and civic engagement. I have routinely seen my ideas steamrolled, subjugated, or silenced. Still, I have always dreamed of running for public office. At RepresentWomen I hope to use my passion for progressive public service, strong commitment to feminism, and interest in intersectionality to help better address and abolish patriarchal institutions through research-based strategies and elevate more women, and therefore women’s issues, in politics. 


Outside of school and work, you’ll probably find me reading, hiking (I love being outdoors), making music, or hanging out with my one-eyed cat, Polyphemus!