Meet the Team: Taylor Herrick

By RepresentWomen by on June 19, 2020

By Taylor Herrick

My name is Taylor Herrick and I am a rising senior at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA studying Political Science, History, and English. I am so excited to be working with RepresentWomen as a communications intern this summer! I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from an all girls’s school where my passion for women’s representation and gender equity was born. I was applying to colleges and taking an American Government course during the 2016 election which motivated me to pursue a career in politics and media.


My main interest in politics is grounded in the importance of increasing women’s representation in local, state, and national offices. I believe that when we achieve gender parity in politics through systematic and institutional changes, impactful policies will follow. My time living and studying in New Orleans has also introduced me to the incredibly important issues of climate change policy, education policy, and criminal justice reform. This past fall I was able to participate in American University’s Washington Semester Program where I was able to intern on Capitol Hill for a Congresswoman from Ohio and study public policy first-hand from experts in the field. Living, studying, and working in D.C. was an incredible experience and opened my eyes to all of the layers of our political system and the inspiring leaders who work as researchers, advocates, journalists, and lawmakers.


As a naturally creative person who is interested in the power of storytelling, I gravitate more towards the communications side of politics. What brought me to RepresentWomen was their message about the importance of institutional reforms for increasing women’s representation. They do not just focus on how to get women to run for office, but also on the ways women can serve effectively and create solutions. This summer I hope to learn more about their emerging research on PACs, voting reform, and the work-life balance for women in office. I am particularly passionate about bringing this research to the public and am excited to learn more about the most effective communication and advocacy practices.


After graduation I am hoping to move back to D.C. and work in political communication or strategy. My interests outside of politics include reading books authored by women, strolling around my favorite independent bookstore, cooking vegetarian recipes, and listening to true crime podcasts.