Meet the Team: Sarika

By Sarika Walia on November 17, 2020

My name is Sarika Walia, I am currently a senior Public Health Sciences major at the University of Maryland and am matriculating into an accelerated Master’s program in Health Equity this coming summer. I have worked in advocacy my whole life, creating the first Students for Social Justice Club at my high school, helping organize protests in D.C. and involving myself in research that focuses on women and cardiovascular health since most breakthroughs have been focused on men for the past century. Once I finish my Master’s, I hope to work on Women’s reproductive health in developing countries like India. 

Being a woman of color who is deeply committed to equity and equality, I look forward to working to reduce the gap in representation to create a legislature that is not only gender balanced but ethnically diverse. Gender disparities exist everywhere - politics, science, business, you name it - there is a lack of female leadership. This can only change when our representation and our leaders include more women. As an outreach intern for RepresentWomen, I’m excited to advocate and push for a more gender balanced cabinet in the upcoming elections. 

During my free time I run, binge watch New Girl episodes, read cheesy romantic novels, work on poorly knitting my very first blanket (I taught myself during quarantine) and listen to music from my favorite bands while wistfully dreaming of going to concerts again someday.