Meet the Team: Paola Morales

By Paola Morales on June 19, 2020

By: Paola Morales

Hola! I am Paola Morales, raised in Monterrey, Mexico, and I am an Advocacy and Outreach intern for RepresentWomen. I am a senior at the George Washington University, pursuing a BA in International Affairs with a concentration in International Development, and a minor in Women,Gender and Sexuality Studies.


This spring I studied abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, where I was able to expand my knowledge in diplomacy, international affairs, public policy, French, cheese, and chocolate. Even though the semester was cut short, I loved commuting, practicing my third language with my host family, and learning from different organizations and scholars while introducing my passion for gender equality in every paper, reading, field visit or presentation given to me. Talking about the harms of the patriarchy and the importance of gender equality in positions of power in French was definitely challenging, but on the bright side, I became better at charades while trying to explain my thoughts!


My passion for feminism and gender equality began in sixth grade, where I began noticing how women, especially in Mexico and my community, had different expectations, regulations, and limited opportunities in comparison to men. From then on, I have ensured, through my studies and work, to focus on the issues of gender disparity, and how its intersectionality with race, sexuality, beliefs, and disabilities also play a role in limiting the representation of women. An example of this is my last research paper I wrote as my final assignment, where I focused on how female migrants and refugees are protected (or not) under international law before, during and after their journey.


These experiences led me to the amazing opportunity of working with RepresentWomen, and this summer I am most excited to immerse myself in this network filled with people who share the same passion as I do, as well as to advocate for a further representation of women in national and international governments. I am also looking forward to learning from my coworkers and our partners through different projects.


Besides spending my time challenging myself and others about how gender is always active in our day to day tasks, I love reading, crying over musical synopsis and soundtracks, and becoming part of any sort of movie franchise. I love being surrounded by my three cats and while I am always trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, it is impossible for me to say no to chocolate. Post-quarantine, I am excited to finish my last year of college, enjoy the DC weather and go to a Cat Cafe as soon as possible.