Meet the Team: Nazlı Dakad

By RepresentWomen on June 23, 2021

Hello, Bonjour, Merhaba! My name is Nazlı Dakad. I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, but my parents immigrated from Turkey, and I am a proud Turkish-American. Currently, I am an undergraduate student at Stanford University planning on studying Earth Systems with a minor in Modern Languages. I am passionate about sustainable development and connecting with other humans, and I am excited to bring both into my work with RepresentWomen.


Project Drawdown, a leading resource for climate solutions, names educating girls and family planning as a critical climate solution. However, due in part to gender imbalances in government, these issues are not prioritized. But by increasing women’s representation, I believe that women will speak up for other women, and male politicians may finally understand that so-called women’s issues are societal issues. Though there are so many reasons to work for gender parity, the probable relationship with women’s representation and sustainable development drew me to RepresentWomen. As a Research Intern focusing on international policy, I am excited to broaden my currently U.S. centric worldview and knowledge base to research gender parity in various countries abroad. Though I do see gender parity as a driving factor of sustainable development, I am eager to research the degree of correlation between gender parity and sustainability outcomes. 


In my limited free time, I greatly enjoy napping. In addition to being an avid napper, I like to read, exercise, and spend time with my loved ones. I love going on hikes in my hometown, reading hard-hitting non-fiction and sappy romance novels on the beach, and drinking bubble tea everywhere I go. Fun fact, this spring I lived in New York City and went to over 15 different bubble tea places.