Meet the Team: Natalia

By RepresentWomen by on February 12, 2021

Natalia Tu is a research intern at RepresentWomen and a current senior at Carleton College majoring in Sociology and Anthropology. Her passion for women’s rights and representation drew her to RepresentWomen, and she is excited to focus her research efforts on gender parity in government on an international-level, specifically in East and Southeast Asian countries. In addition to her research interests, Natalia enjoys hiking and listening to true crime podcasts!

My name is Natalia Tu, and I am a senior at Carleton College majoring in Sociology and Anthropology and minoring in Chinese. Since the pandemic, I have taken up baking thanks, in part, to my slight addiction to the Great British Bake-Off! I also enjoy listening to true crime podcasts and smothering my dogs with way too much love. 


At Carleton, I serve as an advocate for those who have experienced sexual misconduct and domestic violence. Although these issues certainly do not only affect women, women are disproportionately affected. I wanted to investigate different ways in which these issues can be resolved, and I believe that accomplishing gender parity at every level of government is essential to combating sexual and domestic violence along with a range of other problems. 


RepresentWomen’s mission resonates with me because of its commitment to increasing women’s representation through a systems-based approach. I’m excited to join the team and focus my efforts on researching women’s representation specifically in East Asian and Southeast Asian countries.