Meet the Team: Molly

By Molly Taylor by on February 12, 2021


Molly Taylor, a rising freshman at Princeton University, is elated to serve as a communications intern at RepresentWomen. Interested in public policy and journalism, she looks forward to promoting RepresentWomen’s research and democracy reforms that will help the U.S. achieve gender parity. In her free time, Molly enjoys discovering new podcasts and playing in the snow with her black lab.

My name is Molly Taylor, and I’m a rising freshman at Princeton University. As a communications intern, I’m elated to contribute to RepresentWomen’s vital mission while exploring my interests in public policy in journalism. 


Since attending the 2017 Chicago Women’s March, I have looked to understand the lack of female representation in government. RepresentWomen’s research and advocacy excite me because many of the proposed reforms — like ranked choice voting and multi-winner districts — work by expanding the power of voters. When citizens have a greater ability to elect candidates of choice, our government better reflects the American people. I appreciate RepresentWomen’s nonpartisanship, recognizing that the benefits of equal representation are not exclusive to any party. This spring, I look forward to sharing RepresentWomen’s work and promoting reforms that will help the U.S. achieve gender parity. 


In my free time, I enjoy riding my bike, discovering new podcasts, and playing in the snow with my black lab.