Meet the Team: Maryama Thiam

By Maryama Thiam on December 26, 2018

My name is Maryama Thiam, the daughter of immigrants from Senegal, a sophomore at Chesapeake Math and IT Academy, and the secretary of a non-profit organization, “Mothers Of Africa.” Despite attending a Math and IT school, my true passion is law and politics. As a child of immigrants from Africa, my household is always full of political debates. Even at a young age, my parents allowed me to listen to their debates and sometimes join in. I always enjoyed giving my opinion and having facts to back it up.

While I love math and technology, that love can never be greater than my love for politics and law. I believe we have a lot to improve in our politics today. Year after year the number of women in elected office is always dramatically less than men. In 2018, only 20% of congressional seats are held by women. Despite historic wins this midterm election, women will only make up approximately 24% of congressional seats. We can do better. I believe many of  RepresentWomen’s initiatives can help us get where we need to be.

I have always been interested in the topic of women rights and gender equality. Interning at RepresentWomen has reinforced my belief that it is essential we have more women in elected office. Although I am young, I know my voice can make an impact in the movement towards gender parity. Having more women in office strengthens America's democracy, encourages more youth to strive for a career in the government, moves us closer towards the equality of men and women, and helps ensure more people feel represented by their government.

We saw progress this past midterm election, however, there is a lot more change to make. It is especially important to focus on the representation of women of color, particularly in the Senate where they are significantly underrepresented.  I am certain that improving representation for women in elected office will lead to more policy change. I am excited to work with RepresentWomen and learn more about creating a more representative government.