Meet the Team: Laura

By Laura DeMarco by on February 12, 2021

Laura DeMarco is an Administration and Development Intern at RepresentWomen. She juggles her internship with her classes at the University of Maryland, her blogging work, and her role as Vice President of the local Delta Alpha Pi chapter. She is very passionate about inclusion and hopes that her efforts at RepresentWomen will encourage more of it.


My name is Laura. I live in Maryland now, but I grew up in Boring, Oregon. Boring was technically a town but mostly consisted of Douglas Fir trees and a Chinese-American restaurant. I’m a junior at the University of Maryland, and though I study communication now, I plan to earn a Master’s degree in library science eventually. I am passionate about reading, writing, and theatre. I am writing this blog during the COVID-19 pandemic, but I will start looking for Sweeney Todd tickets as soon as this is over. And Next to Normal if I’m lucky.


I often find myself getting angry when issues that directly impact marginalized communities are decided by people who are not in those communities, and therefore are not affected by those decisions. I am disabled, and we in the disability community have a saying that I’m particularly fond of: Nothing about us without us. I think this phrase can apply to any underrepresented group. It’s not fair that men primarily decide issues about women’s healthcare. It’s not fair that cisgender lawmakers have the power to determine what bathrooms trans people can use. It’s not fair that Congresspeople without disabilities get to argue over whether citizens with disabilities deserve to live in the community instead of shuttered away in institutions. The list goes on and on and on.


One of the things I like best about RepresentWomen is their focus on intersectional feminism. I am most excited to work with RepresentWomen and their supporters--our supporters, I should say--to foster intersectional representation and make sure that our laws are decided by people who will be affected by those laws.