Meet the Team: Kaycie Goral

By Kaycie Goral on June 19, 2020

By: Kaycie Goral 

After graduating this spring, I asked myself a simple question: “What would I be able to say I accomplished during the great Covid-19 pandemic?” 


I could already picture it. The white walls of an office meeting room, illuminated by fluorescent, antibacterial lights. Only the two of us: myself and the interviewer. We gaze at each other across a long glass table that sings of meetings long passed. Speaks of corporate conferences, and office sandwich parties that were just a bit sad for everyone involved. Everyone hiding their chewing from each other as if a misplaced crunch or cough could crash the stock market. 


For imaginary Kaycie, things were going well! She was interviewing to be viceroy for the new republic of AmazonPrime-Land Viacom Plus™, and the interviewer had chuckled more than courteously at all of her jokes. Kaycie was qualified and had proven herself through her impressive career! 


Kaycie’s skill for crafting compelling campaign communications was inspired by the two years she spent in Ohio during the 2016 election, and the immediate aftermath. Although she initially studied for a music degree, Kaycie became enthralled in the political process and conducted her own grassroots experiment in tandem with the tumult of the 2016 campaign. Kaycie made it her mission to talk to her fellow Ohioans during the deluge of political attention. This first informal attempt at bootstrap polling would change Kaycie’s trajectory forever, leading her on the path of political communications she treads today. 


In this Fantasy interview, I had entirely overcome the economic, and global crisis I recently graduated into. I was confident in myself and my ability. This Future Kaycie is an innovator and respected in her field. (you know this is a fantasy because there is no sign of gender inequality in this hiring scenario!) 


However, when Fantasy Future Kaycie is asked the question mentioned earlier: she is genuinely stumped.


So, what have I done in these past months?  I don’t have much to boast about beyond redecorating my parent’s home thrice, successfully altering my REM cycle to become entirely nocturnal, and somehow finishing Undergrad. 


I had hoped to Graduate from American University, the institution I’d transferred to just a year ago, with a BA in Communications and a career in political communications lined up. I longed to be crafting the “art of the possible” and practicing those tools of social influence. I hoped to be part of the 2020 election, shining a light on down-ballot races, fighting for women, LGBTQIA, and POC, challengers in all corners of our political system.


So getting to work with RepresentWomen was the perfect salve to this terrified Corona-Grad’s heart and I am very excited to get to work!


To spread the word about RepresentWomen’s vital agenda, and the incredible research conducted by this organization. I look forward to working with our fantastic research team in creating interactive and compelling media to represent their findings. To get the message across that parity for women is a public health issue, a social issue, a political issue, and an overtly American issue. We must assess, analyze, and amplify the systemic struggle to place Women in office.


I can’t wait to work with these remarkable women, albeit remotely, and propel this vital story of change!