Meet the Team: Jessica Bates

By RepresentWomen on June 23, 2021

I’m Jessica Bates and I am a rising sophomore at American University studying public relations and strategic communication. I am excited to be joining the RepresentWomen team as a communications intern for this summer. I hope to work for nonprofit organizations in the future in a PR position, combining my love of writing, organizing, and research with my passion for human rights.


My classes over my freshman year in college illuminated to me the many aspects of the world that are broken for many types of people. I took a criminal justice class and learned about the harsh realities of mass incarceration while also taking a writing class with a topic of justice and equality. Reading from a book of interviews with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I absorbed a wealth of knowledge about Supreme Court cases that have helped to “keep women not on a pedestal, but in a cage” (RBG). 


While my classes these past two semesters have given me concrete facts about women’s current place in society, my role as a feminist began before I even knew what feminism was. I remember being a little girl correcting anyone around me who made me feel like I was less than because I would one day be a woman. 


When I’m not correcting people on their microaggressions, I like to spend my time binge watching dramas and so-bad-it’s-good reality TV, cooking, coloring, and downloading games on my phone that I play once and never open again.