Meet the Team: Himaja Balusa

By NationBuilder Support by on June 19, 2020

By: Himaja Balusa 

My name is Himaja Balusa and I am excited to be a Research Intern with RepresentWomen for Summer of 2020. I am from Singapore and moved to Washington DC in 2017 for college. I am currently a rising senior at the George Washington University studying International Affairs (with a concentration in Conflict Resolution) and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality studies.


I’ve always been a passionate advocate for intersectional feminism and strongly believe in the importance of dismantling systems of gendered oppression to achieve equality for all people.  While searching for feminist organizations to get involved with this summer, I was pleased to find RepresentWomen and was inspired by the work they do in increasing women’s representation in elected office. 


I appreciate the systems-based approach adopted by RepresentWomen, because it advocates for long term systematic change to ensure consistent representation of women in government. I particularly admire the organization’s emphasis on getting women across different demographics elected into positions of authority because women of color, working class women and queer women can often be alienated by mainstream feminist advocacy. I think it's very important to build coalitions across intersections and have marginalized women at the forefront of our advocacy efforts.


This summer, I am looking forward to working on the International Report and other such research projects. I hope to acquire valuable research skills and learn the best practices for increasing women’s representation in government. When I am not busy with college and/or internships, I like to take long naps, watch a disturbing amount of reality tv and spend time (reduced to many video calls now) with friends. After quarantine, I am most looking forward to going out for food.