Meet the Team: Hannah So

By RepresentWomen by on June 18, 2020

By: Hannah So 

My name is Hannah So, and I am excited to work for RepresentWomen as a Research Intern this summer! I am a junior at Georgetown University majoring in Government with minors in History and Theology. Some of my favorite things include bubble tea, libraries, and reality television.


I have been passionate about politics since taking a high school civics class, and strongly believe that a truly representative democracy must reflect the diversity of its constituents. Although my high school dream job was to serve in Congress one day, my congressional aspirations were dampened when I realized that few political leaders actually looked like me, an Asian-American woman. Although I recognized the barriers that women, particularly women of color faced in political representation, I did not know how to best address these challenges.


At Georgetown, my Comparative Politics class introduced me to the relationship between institutional design and democratic reform. Through a class research project, I was fascinated by the way that changes to electoral systems could produce governments which better reflected the voters’ choices. Meanwhile, in my Justice and Peace Studies class, I learned more about the importance of having women leaders in politics, from increasing attention on issues like health care and education, to fostering greater opportunities for bipartisanship and cooperation in government.


As a Research Intern for RepresentWomen, I am excited to apply my interests in institutional design and policy research towards a mission that is important to me, while also furthering my own understanding of challenges and solutions to women’s political representation. I resonate strongly with RepresentWomen’s emphasis on broader institutional reform rather than just specific electoral races, and its commitment to supporting political leadership for all women, regardless of party affiliation. Through my work for RepresentWomen, I hope to advocate for research-based institutional reforms that help promote truly representative democracies, both in the United State and abroad.