Meet the Team: Georgia Sherry

By Georgia Sherry on June 18, 2020

By: Georgia Sherry 

My name is Georgia, and I am going into my final year at the University of Bristol in the UK, studying Politics and Social Policy. The Politics half of my degree has given me great insight into institutional structures and practices around the world that constrain or promote women’s progression, while the Social Policy side has placed a heavy emphasis on how to conduct research. This grants students freedom with regards to the content of our research and as a result, whilst honing my research skills, I have been able to deepen my knowledge and passion for women’s issues. When able to write about empowering women, one professor noted the quality of my work increases dramatically. Whilst I certainly need to work on dedicating the same energy to other issues, if not only for the sake of my degree, I feel this particular passion will be very helpful to me in the coming weeks at RepresentWomen.


I was born and currently live in the UK but spent some of my early life living in America, in Georgia. My years in Georgia overlapped with the first Obama campaign which sparked my interest in American politics. Politics became my hobby, my degree and now my career. At University, I have steered my degree towards American politics, with a particular interest in the role of women. Where that has not been possible, I have focused on girls’ education in the developing world. Working in a very progressive school in Kenya for four months afforded me a brief insight into the immense positive impact girls’ education has on a community.


When thinking about empowering women, be it through ensuring an education or electing them to congress, I find myself constantly drawn to the image of a rising tide lifting all boats. In The Moment of Lift, Melinda Gates says ‘sometimes all that’s needed to lift women up is to stop pulling them down’. RepresentWomen works on this principle, aiming to remove the structures pulling women down. I am eager to work for RepresentWomen this summer, in order to contribute to this rising tide at a time in American politics when the need for women representatives is great.


Outside of my studies, I enjoy participating in anything that allows me to use “leadership skills”. These include being the Vice President of my University’s TedX society, becoming the self-appointed social secretary of my friendship group and most recently, in lockdown, giving orders to my two younger brothers, which I’m sure brings equal delight to all parties involved.