Meet the Team: Fadhilah Fitri Primandari

By RepresentWomen on June 23, 2021

Hello, my name is Fadhilah Fitri Primandari. I am a political science graduate from Universitas Indonesia, and my research interests center on the gendered aspects of democratization and democratic consolidation, feminist institutionalism, and feminist methodology. For my undergraduate thesis, I wrote about how people’s conceptions of democracy are gendered and why they matter for the outcomes of democratic transitions for women. I am hoping to take the subject further in my postgraduate studies.


My passion for these topics began when, during the later semesters of my undergraduate degree, I realized that the mainstream theoretical frameworks of democracy have not always considered the issue of gender. This consequently hampers the inclusion of women (and women’s issues) in discussions, even in the field that normatively prides itself on the concept of equality. I thus believe that we should make conscious efforts to apply a gender lens to the political concepts and theories that we use and phenomena that we examine in order to avoid overlooking the role of gender in shaping political outcomes. I am very excited to work as a research intern at RepresentWomen, as I will have the opportunity to take part in researching the gendered aspects of political representation and democratic institutional designs.

My hobbies include studying and writing. When I don’t feel like doing those two, I like to watch random day-in-the-life vlogs and play with my neighbour’s cat, which loves to visit my house and hang out.