Meet the Team: Emily Kim

By RepresentWomen on June 23, 2021

My name is Emily Kim, and I’m a rising sophomore in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. As a Culture and Politics major, I have the opportunity to self-design an interdisciplinary course of study using analytical tools that approach culture as suffused with power. Currently, I’m interested in investigating countries’ use of soft power, and how the depiction of women in film and the media relates to women’s role in government and their ability to lead.

I always wanted to pursue a career in politics but never thought to explore the nonprofit sector. After previously interning for elected officials and working in constituent services, however, I witnessed how many people are not able to get the help they need due to inequalities and inefficiencies that plague our current systems. Many of these systems—political, economic, or otherwise—put women at a disadvantage and stunt our progress as a democracy. I’m eager to cultivate and amplify authentic stories which I believe drive key social change. At RepresentWomen, I’m excited to work on projects that engage people in research and advocacy about achieving gender parity.


When I’m not interning or studying, you can find me in the kitchen or outside with my dog, Boki (named for the Korean dish tteokbokki). I love to travel, but with the pandemic keeping me at home, food is one of my favorite ways to relive the places I’ve visited. I also love to meet new people, and welcome conversations about the unique and diverse paths that brought people into their chosen careers.