Meet the Team: Egesi Iheduru

By RepresentWomen on June 23, 2021

Hi my name is Egesi Iheduru and I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona but am now studying Psychology and Cinema Studies at New York University! I love to watch all types of movies, ranging from indie art films to superhero franchises (forever Team Marvel!). Some of my hobbies include cheerleading, gymnastics, singing, and shopping at the mall. In the near future, I see myself working in either political psychology or screenwriting/acting in feature films.

As stated before, I am a rising junior at NYU and am a Communications intern for RepresentWomen. This year I am so excited to learn about the depictions of women in government within the media and the press, and also how rank-choice voting is a preferred choice in the voting system now. I wanted to work for RepresentWomen since I came across the program and found it covered many of the things I was interested in. I didn’t think I’d find a better fit. I am ready to learn more about the discrimination and hardships women and women of color go through and how to combat it in the coming years. I’m most excited to work on research projects and compare women’s representation in the media to how they are seen in society. I hope this summer will be fun as I have my four-year old chihuahua and skincare collection here with me!