Meet the Team: Bobbie

By Bobbie Bell on November 17, 2020

My name is Bobbie Bell, an outreach and advocacy intern for the fall 2020 semester at RepresentWomen.  I am from Brooklyn, New York, aka “the big apple,” where I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies at Brooklyn College.  Currently an upper senior, I intend on graduating from Brooklyn College in December of this year.   Over the course of the summer, I had the chance to run a period drive in my own community, collecting numerous donations for women in need during the pandemic.  Although running a period drive virtually due to the coronavirus, I found creative ways to gain support.  

Throughout this experience, I realized how much I value and admire how powerful women are when we stand with one another.  I also realized how women are faced with more obstacles than men, making it challenging for upward mobility.  As a young woman of color, I am also aware that this is another factor that can make things challenging.  I was intrigued and impressed by what RepresentWomen has done thus far to elevate the voices of women so that there is more female representation at big meeting desks to make decisions that impact us.  

I am most looking forward to learning all things stats that will help identify the root of the problem and what can be done about it.  As a journalism student, I enjoy being able to share the experiences of others which I hope will ultimately result in a positive change.  I look forward to testing and sharpening those skills here at RepresentWomen.  I have two pets: a little chorkie named Alexus and a cat named Binky who just turned 19!  In my downtime, I enjoy rewatching seasons of New Girl and eating hot and spicy cheez-its.