Meet the Team: Bea Shakow

By RepresentWomen on June 18, 2020

By: Bea Shakow

My name is Bea, and I’m a rising junior at Case Western Reserve University. I started college with a clear path in computer science, but instead fell in love with theater and political science. I will be graduating with a theater major, with minors in political science and computer science. Over this summer I will be using my computer science skills to help RepresentWomen with web development and data visualization. Digital presence is important now more than ever, and data visualizations make complicated problems much easier to understand, and I am happy to be helping with this for RepresentWomen.


As a DC native, I have been raised my whole life to be politically conscious. And as the daughter of a woman fighting to get women into office, I understand the necessity of having women represented in our government. I’m a firm believer in the systematic nature of problems and solutions, especially with regards to our political system. I was drawn to RepresentWomen because they engage with underrepresentation of a systemic nature, tackling large problems that stand in the way of all of those who seek equal representation.


Being trans, I’ve come into my womanhood later than most.  But I have always had the passion of feminism burning in me, and since transitioning even more so. Having one demographic dominate the political landscape is absurd; and, systemic solutions to fix underrepresentation of one group makes it that much easier for all other underrepresented groups striving to make themselves heard in our government. I’m so happy and excited to be pushing the cause forward by working with RepresentWomen!


While not studying or stage managing, I spend a lot of my time baking and cooking, a passion I’ve had from a very young age. I spend an absurd amount of time listening to podcasts, and love to hear new perspectives from people across the world.