Meet the Team: Ashley

By RepresentWomen by on November 17, 2020

Hi all! My name is Ashley Huang and I’m from San Diego, CA. My pronouns are she/her. Although I’m on a gap year right now, I’m a rising sophomore at Swarthmore College studying Economics and Art History. As a Research Intern, I’m super excited to contribute towards RepresentWomen’s incredible work this fall.

I first heard about RepresentWomen through a fellow Swarthmore classmate and was immediately intrigued by the organization’s mission. Women’s representation in government is crucial towards creating a strong democracy, but there is still much to be done to ensure true gender parity in our legislatures. Increasing women’s representation in politics is absolutely necessary in order to provide a safer and more welcoming environment for women politicians—it’s clear that misogyny is alive and kicking even in the highest levels of our government. During my time as a Research Intern, I’m most excited to contribute towards RepresentWomen’s many interesting projects, such as the current research being done on incarcerated women and voting reform. I hope to also bring intersectionality into the research that I work on, making sure that we analyze the complex problem of gender inequality from a lens that includes class and race. This fall, I can’t wait to learn a lot, build on my research skills, and create connections with many amazing women!

Outside of school, I like baking, sewing, and having solo dance parties in my room. During quarantine, I’ve been enjoying baking bread—I even jumped onto the sourdough bandwagon for a bit. I’m also a budding film photographer, and love exploring new sights and scenes to make photos of. Post-quarantine, I cannot wait to travel to new places, go thrift shopping, and eat inside a restaurant (what a foreign concept)!