Meet the Team : Arria

By Arria Alton on November 17, 2020

Hello! My name is Arria Alton and I am a Nonprofit Admin and Development Intern for RepresentWomen. Currently, I am a senior at Vanderbilt University studying Human and Organizational Development with a concentration in Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness. I’m originally from Madison, Wisconsin, where I spent the last six months in quarantine with my family; this resulted in a renewed sense of hometown pride and the return of my Midwestern accent.

I grew to be passionate about women’s rights from a young age, as my mother taught me the importance of feminism and showed me what it meant to embody strength in all endeavors. She instilled in me the values of hard work, the importance of an education, and standing up for yourself. She immigrated to the United States and raised a daughter here knowing that opportunities for women were abundant; while it is clear that women have come far in the fight for equality in this country, there is still so far to go. 

I am incredibly excited and grateful to be working with RepresentWomen in the fight for women’s parity in politics; the opportunity to work and learn from such incredible women is a dream come true. As part of the intern team, I am looking forward to applying the organizational knowledge I have gained through my college studies to an impactful and dynamic environment.

In non-pandemic circumstances, I can usually be found enjoying my free time in the company of friends or in the outdoors. Lately, I’ve been practicing my Farsi and working on my vegan cooking skills. After quarantine, I’m looking forward to traveling again!