Meet the Team: Anna Aguto

By RepresentWomen by on June 18, 2020

By: Anna Aguto 

Growing up outside of Washington D.C. in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, I was influenced and surrounded by political jargon, systems, and conversations for the majority of my childhood. I quickly learned the importance and significance of political representation, yet failed to see many people in the system who were like me, especially as a Filipinx-Lebanese woman. This began a commitment to meaningful representation in political systems, which is what drew me to RepresentWomen.

As I have pursued my majors in environmental studies with a focus on equity and the environment and ethnic studies at Brown University, I have learned and realized that systemic change is necessary in order to support and center historically marginalized communities. However, I have noticed the disconnect between the language used in academic spaces to discuss issues such as environmental injustice and the actual communities and people who are most affected by these issues. As a Summer Outreach Intern, I am excited to help make research accessible to the general public. I am also excited to engage with allies to build community and coalition in support of systemic change for equal representation.


During quarantine, I have enjoyed baking, running, and reading new fantasy novels. However, I’m looking forward to when I can play Ultimate Frisbee and of course, hug my friends again.