Meet the Team: Alisha

By Alisha Saxena on November 03, 2020

Hi! My name is Alisha Saxena and I am a senior at the University of California, San Diego, with a major in Political Science-Public Law and a minor in African American Studies. I am currently a Research Intern with the fabulous RepresentWomen team, working remotely from the Bay Area! Though I have been in California for eight years, I spent most of my childhood in Columbia, South Carolina- although its history isn’t great, it is definitely a beautiful place!

It was during my time in our campus student government that I began to understand the magnitude of individual and collective power. I began to deeply engage with policy on various fronts, from the development and execution of policy to the accountability of leadership in following through on these policies. From delivering public comments in San Diego and Sacramento to fighting for change in our UC system, I continue to learn what advocacy truly means and the journey has been fascinating. 

Thanks to my time in student government, I realized that my greater goal is to one day become an elected official, where I hope to rewrite the rules on what representation truly means. When I learned about RepresentWomen, I knew it was the place to be- my research interests revolved around voter turnout and suppression, electoral systems, minority representation in government, and gender parity, and sure enough, I could explore all of these interests with this group. Currently, I am working on analyzing the impact of international multi-member districts on gender parity, and I hope to contribute some blogs on a variety of topics, from tribal nations to feminism. 

Some other fun facts about me: I am a certified yoga teacher, I recently discovered K-Dramas (send me suggestions!), my favorite artist is Maluma, and I got to drive a golf cart around campus during the 2020 Primaries!