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Katie Usalis- Partnerships Director

Katie Usalis serves as RepresentWomen's Partnerships Director. In this role, Katie focuses on developing and overseeing program strategies that activate and equip changemakers to advance structural solutions to the representation crisis in U.S. politics. She holds a Master’s degree in International Development from the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (Barcelona Institute of International Studies).

Before moving to Spain, Katie lived and worked in Myanmar for several years where her passion for social justice and human rights led her to serve as a Program Manager and regional Inclusion Advisor for partnerships across Myanmar and Cambodia. She brings unique experience working in diverse contexts and across language barriers to develop program strategies specifically aimed at removing cultural and institutional barriers to equity. Naturally inclined to systems thinking, she is skilled at turning big visions into tangible strategies, building impactful relationships, and is passionate about the value diversity brings to our work. She strongly believes that fair political representation is a structural catalyst to better policies and a more sustainably just society. In her free time, she loves rock climbing and going on adventures outside!

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