July 1st - RepresentWomen Releases Research on Women’s Representation & Ranked Choice Voting in NYC

By Kaycie Goral on July 01, 2021


July 1st 2021 

Contact: Maura Reilly ,Kaycie Goral 

RepresentWomen would like to remind everyone that while these primaries were great for women’s representation, this was NOT the first Ranked Choice Election in New York City history.

Takoma Park, MD. ( July 1, 2021) - Today, as the New York City ranked choice primary continues, RepresentWomen has released an analysis of the history of women’s representation in NYC and an update on the impact of ranked choice voting on women’s representation in the NYC primaries. 


RepresentWomen has studied the history of ranked-choice voting in New York City and across the U.S. during the start of the 20th century, its resurgence in the 21st century, and its impact on women's elected representation today. RepresentWomen’s research shows that RCV has helped elect women candidates in the past and will continue to do so as more jurisdictions adopt ranked choice voting going forward. 


In the 1930s, New York City adopted a proportional version of ranked-choice voting and before the end of the decade elected its first woman to the City Council, Genevieve Beavers Earle


Preliminary Election Highlights: 
  • Women were 41% (145) of the 352 candidates running across the 52 elections with 3+ candidates. Early results show women leading in 52% (27) of these races. 
  • In the City Council primaries, 32 of the ranked choice elections with 3+ candidates were open-seats. And early results show women leading in 66% (21) of these races. 

Regarding the election, Founder and CEO of Represent Women, Cynthia Richie Terrell, has said, "Ranked-choice voting has a long history of improving the outcomes for women candidates, and the New York City ranked-choice primaries are no different. To move the needle toward gender balance in politics, we need more cities and elected bodies to adopt systemic reforms like ranked-choice voting going forward."


According to RepresentWomen’s research, Voting systems have a profound impact on women’s and minority political representation. Our current plurality winner, first-past-the-post system is a significant barrier for women and people of color running for office and winning; RCV helps to lower and eliminate these barriers by:

  • Eliminating vote splitting
  • Incentivizing positive campaigning
  • Rewarding issue-focused campaigning
  • Producing more efficient elections
  • Ensuring representative outcomes

RepresentWomen is a research-based advocacy group that promotes data-driven strategies to advance women's representation and leadership in the United States and abroad. With our research, we work in concert with our allies to address political barriers women face when running for office to ensure that more women can RUN, WIN, SERVE & LEAD. 


See our Press Kit  For our RCV Research and Resources

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