How to Change Voting Systems

Fair Representation Act

The United States claims to be a champion of electoral democracy - yet, our voting system has been left in the dust as the rest of the world modernizes theirs. As a result, our election results are skewed and women are underrepresented at every level of government.

Luckily, there is a solution that you can support: The Fair Representation Act (HR 3057). Below, our guide to the bill explains exactly how a new voting system for the House of Representatives better represents the American people.

To participate in progress, you can contact your Representative to express your support for the bill and demand fair representation of women in our democracy.

What’s wrong with our current system?

In a winner-take-all voting system, voters cast a vote for a single candidate, and the candidate that gets the most votes wins.

But what if Candidate A wins with 51% of the vote and Candidate B loses with 49%? Then, nearly half of voters are not represented by their elected official.

Plurality Voting

Fair Representation Voting

Single-Member Districts

Multi-Member Districts

Single vote

Ranked choice voting

Incumbent Advantage

Competitive Elections

Negative Campaigns

Civil Campaigns

High Cost

Low Cost

Low Recruitment

High Recruitment

     One Group Represented     

  Multiple Groups Represented  

Discourages Women

Encourages Women

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