History of Women On The NYC City Council

History of Women On The NYC City Council

The historic 31 women elected in November 2021 is a milestone in the long path to parity on the NYC city council. The first woman ever elected was Genevieve Earle in 1938 by multi-winner ranked choice voting. She was elected to an at large position and served until 1951.

The presentation below illustrates the number of women that have served over the years in relation to the number of men. At the end is a note on the relationship between ranked choice voting and women's representation in NYC.

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Below is a graph that shows the average number of women serving on the council over a given time frame and the most/peak amount of women that served in a given year.

infogram_0_07f7e8b7-4233-44ad-a363-d6d4d2f6739fHistory of Women on the NYC Councilhttps://e.infogram.com/js/dist/embed.js?j30text/javascript

For a full list of women that have served on NYC's city council, contact RepresentWomen.