Global Practices & System Strategies

Starting in 2020, the RepresentWomen team has been drafting in-depth research on the status of women's representation in different parts of the world. In October 2021, the team released the first installment of this ongoing series, the Post-Soviet Brief. The second brief in this series, the Arab State Brief, was released December 2021. The latest edition to this series, the Latin America Brief, was launched in April 2022. Stay tuned for more releases in this series through 2022 and 2023. To learn more about our international research, please read our 2020 report, "Achieving Gender Parity: Systems Strategies Around the World." 

Other International Projects 

Latin America Brief

Shared April 2022

RepresentWomen's Latin America Brief reviews the history and impact of gender quotas and other systems-based reforms in Latin American countries. While many of the highest-ranking countries in the world for gender parity in parliament are based in Latin America, our research shows that each country's individual rate of success varies according to the design of these systems.

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Arab State Brief

Shared December 2021

RepresentWomen's Arab State Brief reviews the extent to which women are represented in Arab countries, the history of Arab independence and revolutions - and their impact on women's rights and representation; and country-specific information that covers the history of systems reforms and their impact on women's political rights and representation in the region.

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Post-Soviet Brief

Shared October 2021

RepresentWomen's Post-Soviet Brief covers how well women are represented in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches in 15 post-Soviet countries; the role of institutions, rules, and election systems in shaping outcomes for women in each country; and country-specific information that covers the role grassroots women's movements and civil society organizations in advancing the rights of women and girls in the region.

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