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Gender Parity Report

Representation20/20's Gender Parity Report, known as The State of Women's Representation 2015-2016, is the second in a series of annual reports leading to the year 2020, the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment. This report finds that women are underrepresented at the national, state, and local level, and that parity for men and women in elected office is unlikely to occur without structural changes in recruitment, electoral, and legislative rules.

The report measures women’s representation in each of the 50 states using a comprehensive Gender Parity Index, which measures progress toward gender parity by scoring women’s representation at the national, state, and local level.

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Our first report in the series,The State of Women's Representation 2013-2014, summarizes and analyzes women’s representation in elected office, and monitors progress for each of the six areas of our Gender Parity Challenge. While some progress is being made in getting more women elected to public office, the progress is slow and could benefit from Representation20/20's key reforms.

State specific info for 2014-2015