Corinne Bennett


Corinne Bennett is a research intern for RepresentWomen and a current M.A. candidate at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, pursuing degrees in International Studies and International Economics with a concentration in Conflict Management. With a passion for women’s rights and female representation in all forms, Corinne is thrilled to work with RepresentWomen to communicate how much progress has been made and how far we have yet to go when it comes to gender parity. She is focusing on the unique and important contributions of women’s leadership and the need to change the system to ensure all have a fair chance to lead. As a summer research intern, Corinne conducted research on women's representation in presidential cabinets and contributed to the 2020 Ranked Choice Voting and PAC reports at RepresentWomen. This fall, Corinne looks forward to continuing her work with the research team. 

Contact: [email protected]