Call out a PAC

Contact a PAC

Funding women candidates fairly is an essential step in our fight for gender balance in politics, and you have a role to play.


Membership PACs

If you give to a membership PAC email your leadership and demand they fund more women and commit to funding targets for gender diversity. Use our handy email template below. 

Membership PAC Template 


Call out PACS

If you are not part of a membership PAC, you can still call on PACs to increase their funding for women candidates. Use our PAC Case Studies and tweet templates to call out major PACs like Disney, Amazon and Facebook to commit to funding targets for women candidates. Find some Tweet examples below.

Tweet 1:

 @[PAC TWITTER HANDLE] has not committed to fund more women running for office. With a membership that is [PERCENTAGE] female, [PAC NAME] should not remain idle in the fight for accelerating gender parity! #RepresentationMatters


Tweet 2:

Hey, @[PAC HANDLE], why have you not committed to funding more women candidates? [PERCENTAGE] of your contributions comes from women, you have the power to accelerate gender parity! #RepresentationMatters