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Allies can be distinguished from Partners in that allies are not seeking an MOU with RepresentWomen and aren’t necessarily working on one of RepresentWomen's Signature Solutions. Allies are organizations or individuals who are active in improving representation and/or advancing democracy reform in their localities. 

RepresentWomen can provide Allies with resources and tools, access to RepresentWomen’s networks, and with expert testimony for legislation hearings. 

Outreach and Relationship-building

  • Speak at your events or meetings to share our research on the need for systems strategies to build women's political power and how your reform affects representation of women
  • Co-host events to raise awareness of the research-backed strategies to remove barriers to women's political power
  • Help create linkages and build partnerships between democracy organizations and the women’s representation community
  • Seek out opportunities to mention/uplift/promote participation in your activities

Research and Resources

  • Provide full access to our Toolkits, which include key resources and graphics related to our Signature Solutions for representation (e.g. RCV, multi-member districts, gender-balanced PAC funding targets, legislative rules changes, etc.)

Communications Strategies

  • Op-eds, blogs, and other published pieces: providing data for your publications, elevating your published pieces within our networks and social media
  • Elevating your work in our Weekend Reading publication in Ms. magazine

Informing Decision-makers

  • Provide expert testimony in legislation hearings
  • Provide policy briefs
  • Provide legislative or rule language

Contact Us About Being an Ally