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Alissa Bombardier Shaw

Alissa Bombardier Shaw

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  • published Alliana Salanguit in Meet the Speakers 2024-03-01 18:55:04 -0500

    Alliana Salanguit

    Alliana Salanguit is the Deputy Director for Alaskans for Better Elections. Alaskans for Better Elections is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to providing public education and research about how Alaska-style elections work. The 501(c)(3) foundation and 501(c)(4) corporation are governed by directors that include Alaskans with diverse political views from every corner of the state.

    Prior to her work with Alaskans for Better Elections, Salanguit served as the Chief of Staff for multiple members of the Alaska State Legislature. Salanguit has also been a part of several campaigns for elected officials in Alaska. Through her work, she has been able to share her passionate for data driven, evidence based policy. Throughout her career, she has proven to be an effective leader and team builder.

  • published Kathryn Murdoch in Meet the Speakers 2024-03-01 18:47:06 -0500

    Kathryn Murdoch

    Kathryn MurdochCo-Founder and President

    Kathryn Murdoch is co-founder and president of Quadrivium, which supports practical, evidence-based solutions for critical societal problems. Kathryn currently serves on the boards of Unite America, the Climate Leadership Council and Climate Central. She is a founding board member of SciLine and co-chairs the Oceans and Communications committees as a trustee of the Environmental Defense Fund. Previously, she served on the advisory board of the Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford University and the Board of Trustees at Rockefeller University.

    Ms. Murdoch started her career as a marketing and communications executive, in New York and Hong Kong. Later, she co-founded clothing and accessories brand Thakoon, ultimately selling the business in 2015.

    She served as Director of Strategy and Communications for the Clinton Climate Initiative from 2006 until 2011. From 2011 to 2012 she was a Visiting Fellow at Oxford University, where as Director of ReSource 2012, she convened scientists, academics, investment professionals and entrepreneurs to promote the judicious use of natural resources. In 2014, Ms. Murdoch co-founded Quadrivium, whose mission is to invest in root cause solutions for some of society’s most urgent challenges.

    At Quadrivium, she founded SciLine, in partnership with AAAS, to provide scientific expertise and context to journalists in real time and on deadline, she has funded important work at the Environmental Defense Fund, the Center for New American Security, and the Anti-Defamation League.

    In 2019, Ms. Murdoch and Quadrivium started a new, multi-year program focusing significant resources on finding and achieving solutions to identified problems in our democratic process. Structural changes, voter participation and aligning incentives for leadership, are among the areas of engagement. Kathryn lives with her family in New York City.

  • published Glynda Carr in Day Two Speakers 2024-02-29 15:26:01 -0500

    Glynda Carr

    As president, CEO and co-founder of Higher Heights for America, Glynda C. Carr is at the center of the national movement to grow Black women’s political power from the voting booth to elected office.

    In 2011, Carr and Kimberly Peeler-Allen co-founded Higher Heights to address the dearth of organizing resources for politically active Black women and the lack of support for those who were considering seeking elected office. Through her leadership, the organization has developed several innovative programs and efforts that have quickly solidified its reputation as the political home and go-to resource for progressive Black women.

    Carr is the co-creator of #BlackWomenLead—a powerful coalition movement that is creating an environment for Black women to run, win and lead—and the Higher Heights-powered #BlackWomenVote, a nonpartisan voter-activism campaign that serves as an independent and trusted voice for Black women’s political concerns. Her work to date has helped to elect 11 Black women to the U.S. Congress–including one to the Senate–and increase the number of Black women holding statewide executive office–including helping to elect the first Black woman to serve as New York State attorney general.

    Carr has appeared on the 2018 Essence magazine Woke 100 list. She has contributed to,,, and; appeared on Cheddar, FOX News Live and MSNBC; and has been interviewed and quoted in the Washington Post, New York Times, US News, BuzzFeed and numerous other outlets.

  • published Namatai Kwekweza in Day Three Speakers 2024-02-29 15:18:51 -0500

    Namatai Kwekweza

    Namatai Kwekweza serves as the Executive Director of WELEAD Trust, an organization that she founded at age 18 in 2017, which focuses on youth leadership development and advocacy. Through the work done at WELEAD Trust, youth have built strong alliances around human rights, feminist solidarity practices, constitutionalism, participation in governance and leader development.

    In 2020, while working to mobilise young people against the amendment to the constitution of Zimbabwe, Namatai was arrested twice. The judicial persecution lasted for two years until February 2022 when all charges where dropped after the state fail to proof a case against the accused.

    Namatai Kwekweza has over 5 years of experience in community organizing, social entrepreneurship and human rights advocacy, mainly focusing on youth and women's rights. She is an awardee of the WalkAbout Prize, a Fellow at the School of International Futures and an award winning professional public speaker.

  • published Sandra Pepera in Day Three Speakers 2024-02-29 14:57:09 -0500

    Sandra Pepera

    Q&A: Speaking up and being heard — why women in politics should be the norm  | Devex

    Sandra Pepera is a career diplomat and international development professional. Before joining NDI as its Director for Gender, Women and Democracy in 2014, she spent thirteen years as a Senior Officer at the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), including leading programs in the Caribbean, Rwanda-Burundi and Sudan. Prior to joining DFID, Sandra spent time in British domestic politics; lecturing in political science and international relations at the University of Ghana; and as a political analyst in the Political Affairs Division at the Commonwealth Secretariat. She has a portfolio of skills and experience which include: strategy development, political and risk analysis, diplomacy, general management and corporate governance.

    Much of Sandra’s career has been spent working in or on transitional economies, focusing on the building of resilient and inclusive institutions. She led work on women and politics at the University of Ghana and in outreach public policy during the period of intense and unstable political transition in the early 1990s. This included participating in a program that supported the ANC Women’s League during South Africa’s transition from apartheid to majority democratic rule in 1993.

    Sandra is a member of the Cambridge Sustainability Leaders Network, the Royal Commonwealth Society, the Global Board Ready Women initiative, and the International Advisory Board of the Commonwealth Journal for International Affairs (the Round Table). She holds the Financial Times Diploma for Non-Executive Directors, and serves as a trustee for the pension fund of an intergovernmental organization.

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  • 2023 Planner: Celebrating Women Leaders in the U.S.

    This planner began its journey as a lone chapter in a book. A few
    years ago, our team had the opportunity to draft a chapter for a book on the
    American Presidency. In a book otherwise written by and about men, this was
    our chance to highlight the lives and candidacies of the women who have run
    for the highest office in the country. Our team searched for comprehensive
    sources on women candidates and leaders, but this proved challenging. Not
    because there were too few "notable" women to count, but because many of
    the existing records detailing these women were incomplete.

    That's when we looked at each other and said: "Why stop at a chapter when
    we can write a whole book?" Our team, energetic and creative as ever, decided
    on the idea of a planner in 2020. For each month, and as many days as we
    could find records for, we would honor a particular milestone for women in
    politics, or the birthdays of women leaders who inspire us.

    A few things have changed since then. In late 2022, our team, now larger,
    voted to revisit this project and produce a new planner for 2023 that
    celebrates over one thousand women. We regret to admit that there are women
    we'll have missed; but please join us in remembering the past, recognizing how
    far we have come, and reaching toward a future where all women are
    represented in elected office and leadership positions. Until then, we are proud
    to present you with our story and 2023 planner, "Celebrating Women Leaders."

    We dedicate this planner to the women who came before us, the women who surround us, and the women who will follow us. This book is a celebration of the lives and legacies of all the women who worked and continue to work for women's equality.

  • published 2023 Women Elected with RCV Survey 2023-01-11 19:10:46 -0500

    2023 Women Elected with Ranked Choice Voting Survey

    Thank you for taking the time to fill out this quick survey to help us get to know you and your experience with RCV! This should take about 10 minutes to complete.

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  • donated 2022-11-15 12:55:31 -0500

    Help Elect More Women

  • Weekend Reading on Women's Representation October 7, 2022

    Dear advocates for equality,

    In a little more than a month, we will know how many women get elected to Congress, to statewide executive offices, to state legislative seats, and to local positions across these United States. We will also see the results for ballot measures for ranked choice voting in Nevada, Seattle, Portland, Maine, and Portland, Ore. Evanston, & other jurisdictions. We’ll also learn the outcomes for women who are ranked choice voting champions like Kate Stewart who is running for county council in Montgomery County, MD and Representative Mary Peltola who is running for a full term in Alaska. Of course there is a lot at stake in this election so I hope that you are making plans to vote on or before Nov. 8!

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