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2023 Planner: Celebrating Women Leaders in the U.S.

This planner began its journey as a lone chapter in a book. A few
years ago, our team had the opportunity to draft a chapter for a book on the
American Presidency. In a book otherwise written by and about men, this was
our chance to highlight the lives and candidacies of the women who have run
for the highest office in the country. Our team searched for comprehensive
sources on women candidates and leaders, but this proved challenging. Not
because there were too few "notable" women to count, but because many of
the existing records detailing these women were incomplete.

That's when we looked at each other and said: "Why stop at a chapter when
we can write a whole book?" Our team, energetic and creative as ever, decided
on the idea of a planner in 2020. For each month, and as many days as we
could find records for, we would honor a particular milestone for women in
politics, or the birthdays of women leaders who inspire us.

A few things have changed since then. In late 2022, our team, now larger,
voted to revisit this project and produce a new planner for 2023 that
celebrates over one thousand women. We regret to admit that there are women
we'll have missed; but please join us in remembering the past, recognizing how
far we have come, and reaching toward a future where all women are
represented in elected office and leadership positions. Until then, we are proud
to present you with our story and 2023 planner, "Celebrating Women Leaders."

We dedicate this planner to the women who came before us, the women who surround us, and the women who will follow us. This book is a celebration of the lives and legacies of all the women who worked and continue to work for women's equality.