What does ______ mean?

I'm confused by a term this website uses - can I get a definition somewhere?

Check our glossary for definitions of our frequently used terms.


Some of the most commonly missed words:


Multi-Winner District (Multi-Member District):

A legislative district represented by more than one legislator.


The state or condition of being equal in power, value, rank, etc. Gender parity is the point at which women and men are equally likely to hold an elected office.

Party Rules:

Internally set guidelines and procedures that govern the operations of political parties, including procedures for recruiting and supporting candidates.

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV):

A system that allows voters to rank candidates for office in order of preference, leading to a majority outcome in single-seat elections and a proportional outcome in multi-seat elections.


A term used to describe single or multi-winner district systems in which winning a plurality or majority of the vote guarantees 100% of the representation, leaving many citizens in the jurisdiction unrepresented.

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