Our Mission

RepresentWomen is a nonpartisan initiative committed to achieving gender parity in appointed and elected office. We advocate for institutional reforms to level the playing field for women candidates, enabling them to run, win, and lead effectively. Our goal is fair representation for women and men across the political, racial, and geographic spectrum, so that our daughters and their daughters can engage with our democracy as equals.

Our Challenge

Our country is founded on the idea of a representative democracy--of the people, by the people, for the people.

Of the People: Yet, We are 50% women, but Congress is only 19.4% women.

By the People: Many officials are elected without a majority of votes.

For the People: Women make up over half of our population, pay taxes, and are immediately impacted by the policy decisions of an 80.6% male representative body--changing the system in order to level the playing field is the next logical step for the advancement of women’s rights.

Progress towards equal representation has stagnated at every level of elected office, and we’re falling far behind the rest of the world. This is unacceptable.

Women who may be perfect for public office are often discouraged from running for because the job itself is not accommodating of their needs. Instead of one-off exceptions for individual candidates, we need rules. The presence of more female candidates will underscore the need for accommodations to be made.

Moreover, the incumbency advantage offers almost guaranteed re-election and with men already always in the majority, the chances of women being elected or offsetting the gender imbalance are even slimmer.

What’s more--when women leave a congressional seat, they are generally not replaced by women, whereas when men leave a seat, they are replaced by another man a vast majority of the time. For example, in 2012, 11 women left or lost seats; only 2 were replaced by women.

Electing more women to every level of government will strengthen our democracy by making it more representative, reviving bi-partisanship & collaboration, improving policy outcomes, encouraging a new style of leadership, and building greater trust in our elected bodies.

Our Solution

RepresentWomen supports efforts to dismantle gender stereotypes and to train and fund individual women candidates, but we believe that without institutional reforms, we will never achieve gender parity.

RepresentWomen conducts research and engages in advocacy for each of these reforms:

Systemic reforms have led to the election of more women around the globe. For the United States to re-emerge as a leader in women’s equality, we need innovative strategies that change institutions. 

That’s what RepresentWomen is committed to making happen.



Join us in turning public passion for gender parity into action and results